The World – Stick A Fork In It. Remdesivir Is Done.

Gilead Falls After Phase 3 Remdesivir 10-Day Trial Failed To Reach Significance One week after the New England Journal of Medicine found mixed results in its pivotal study of Remdesivir in covid-19 patients which “found no marked benefit from remdesivir for those who were healthier and didn’t need oxygen or those who were sicker, requiring a ventilator […]

The World – Remdesivir Turns Out To Be A Dud. No Surprise There.

The Remdesivir Study Is Finally Out: Drug Only Helped Those On Oxygen, Finds Mortality Too High For Standalone Treatment A visual representation of the outcomes is below; it shows that whereas there was a modest benefit only to patients who were receiving oxygen, the results were statistically insignificant vs placebo for patients not receiving oxygen, while in […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Still not able to edit photos. Took some ice photos When you need to take the edge off of the impending end of the world, reach for Kelly’s finest rotgut wine. Pavement separating from concrete curb. You see that a lot here. Pretty sure its not supposed to do that. Water gets in there and […]

The World – Restrict Bottling Firms From Extracting Local Groundwater

Ontario should do the same as Washington state.  Ban bottling companies from taking groundwater.

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Something you don’t see everyday Private plow jockey could have got out of the truck, grabbed a shovel and cleared this small windrow away.  Instead, life has been made a little more difficult for the mobility challenged. Looks like the few parking meters that are left have been welded to the post. Of course, then […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Yup…I’m in Thunder Bay. Looking for colour on a grey overcast day. A lost hat, probably full of cooties. Pigeons chowing down on spillage from rail cars. Then just like that, they all flew off. Not sure what it is. Tundra Swan.  If it did not have the yellow dot by the eyes, it would […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

  MV Federal Dart MV Federal Champlain MV Osogovo Here is another example of someone who believes rules and laws are not for them. Jogging with dog leash in hand.  Where is the dog? Not there yet. Ahhhh, there it is.  Once again, there is a city by-law that states that all dogs in the […]

The World – Why Are Companies Still Selling Plastic Bottles?

We know plastic bottles are choking our planet. So why are companies still selling them? The American Beverage Association announced on Tuesday that the world’s leading beverage companies — Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Keurig Dr Pepper — are investing $100 million to reduce the use of new plastic and improve plastic bottle recycling across the globe. Plastic packaging is scattered […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

I do have a thing for chrome grills. Might as well remove the law that says this type of thing is illegal.  You know, that pesky part of the Highway Traffic act that sates that fact?  If the law is not going to be enforced, then lets remove it.  Laws should not be ignored.  Either […]

Canada – A PMO Drunk On Its Own Arrogance

A Prime Minister’s Office drunk on its own arrogance Robyn Urback · for CBC News Opinion ·  It’s hard to fathom what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was thinking on the morning of Feb. 7, when he stood before reporters and categorically declared, “The allegations in the Globe story are false.” The Globe and Mail was the first to report […]