Ebolapalooza – Why Nobody Wants To Stop The Planes

Keep Ebola from spreading? Just stop the flights from Africa..simple right?  What is the problem?  As usual, its about money…

Isolating countries stops travel. Stops trade. Stops business. Stops corporations from making lots of money.  Can’t have that.   How this virus outbreak will affect the impending global financial collapse is anyone’s guess.  It can’t be good.

Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, was seen wearing a button that read: “Isolate Ebola, Not Countries.” She implored the audience: “We should be very careful not to terrify the planet in respect of the whole of Africa.”

That’s because the economic cost of fear, far more than medical costs, may be the most expensive outcome.

Calculating the grim economic costs of Ebola outbreak _ Business Standard News-1
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