Ontario – At Some Point, People Will Stop Listening To Ford And DeMille

Ontario ‘in crisis’ says Premier Doug Ford

The province of Ontario is in a crisis, says Premier Doug Ford, and new COVID-19 modelling numbers are being described as ‘scary.’

“I’ve never stressed this so much than now,” Ford said during a media briefing on Friday. “We are in a crisis. That is how I can describe. It is scary and we need to work together.”

Ontario has been reporting record-high daily COVID-19 cases in recent weeks and according to Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health, the raw number of cases on Friday is more than 4,200, though the data includes cases from previous days, so the actual number is closer to 3,800.

“Today’s numbers are to be frank, scary. It’s going the wrong way,” she said. “We have more and more people hospitalized, more and more people on ventilators. Hospitals are starting to have to cut back on surgeries and other important procedures that require ICU. We have more and more outbreaks in congregate care, particularly long-term care. We have increased rates of positivity, even in children now.”

New modelling numbers are expected to be released next week and Ford and public health officials are urging Ontarians to do everything they can to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“We don’t want people dying, we don’t want ICUs overwhelmed, we don’t want morgues overrun,” Yaffe said. “We don’t want to scare people but we don’t want complacency.”

On Thursday, the province announced health units in Northern Ontario will remain under lockdown until at least Jan. 23. While students will return to in-person learning on Monday in the north, in Southern Ontario students will remain out of the classroom until at least Jan. 25.

But if the numbers continue to rise, Ford and Yaffe said more drastic measures might be necessary in order to maintain hospital capacity and stop the spread of the virus.

“As we look at the modeling, I think we do need to consider more serious measures, perhaps similar to what happened in the spring and look to other jurisdictions and what they have done,” Yaffe said.

“Right now we have to hunker down,” Ford added. “I just can’t stress this enough. When you see the modelling, it will be a real wake-up. They are actually scary numbers. This is crunch time right now.”

“If these basic measures continue to be ignored, the consequences will be more dire. The shutdown won’t end at the end of January and we will have to look at more extreme measures.”

And while the COVID-19 vaccine is available and roll-out of phase one of immunizations for long-term care residents and health care workers is underway, Ford reiterated that general immunizations are still months away.

“We will do mass vaccinations in April, May, and June,” Ford said. “We are hoping we will get five million doses every month. We will be vaccinating 160,000 people a day. We will get to that point, but it will be a bumpy road. We just have to get through these next few months and then we can get everyone vaccinated.” – tbnewswatch

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A large portion of the province has been in lockdown for over a month. The entire province has been in lockdown for two weeks now.  The positive test results continue to go up.

Its obvious that locking down a province does not work.  Is there evidence that it has ever worked?  Not in Ontario. Not in Quebec. Not in California. Not in the UK.

Doug Ford and his health ‘experts’ have only one type of tool in their virus toolbox:hammers. Different sized hammers. If the small one doesn’t work, they simply grab a bigger hammer. Just keep banging away. The problem is that sometimes successful repairs require the use of an array of tools. Tools more suitable.

Then there is the vaccine. Putting all of their eggs in one vaccine basket without having any other plan is a recipe for disaster. There is no proof that the vaccine will work. It may take a year or longer to show results. Does Ford think he can lockdown the entire province for another year? Then what?

At some point in the not-to-distant-future, people in this province will stop listening to Ford and DeMille.  People are starting to get fed-up.

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    they are NOT locking down that is the problem! Brainless me..me…me selfish so called people! They continue to gather….idiots!! They are the problem…throw them to the curb!!!

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    time for Martial law because morons are too stupid!! They had a chance…ENOUGH! We that follow rules are sick and tired of these braindead idiots!!

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