Ontario – Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Doug Ford appears to contradict official health advice by having daughters over

Premier Doug Ford revealed Monday he recently had two of his daughters visit him, in apparent contradiction of official provincial advice.here

Asked Monday if the concept of two-household “bubbles” would come to Ontario soon, as it has to other provinces beginning to reopen, Ford said two of his daughters who don’t live with him had already visited. Two other daughters live in the home.

“There was six of us — direct family. None of the husbands, boyfriends, no one came, just themselves, and I think if we can keep it to as small as possible gatherings that would be very helpful,” Ford said.

When it comes to seeing seniors and parents, use your best judgment
“From the chief medical officer right now he still wants to keep it immediate family. I have two girls living with me, two not living with me, so I had two more there. When it comes to seniors and our parents, use your best judgment.”

The province’s own novel coronavirus website, however, advises no contact outside someone’s home.

“Everyone in Ontario should practise physical distancing to reduce their exposure to other people — this means staying at least two metres away from anyone outside your household,” it states.

When asked if the advice had changed, a spokeswoman for Ford said they expect Ontarians to “use their best judgment when interacting with individuals from outside their household.”
Chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams said his advice had not changed.

“We have not yet opened that proviso up yet and how that might work,” he said. “We’re asking people to do their part to maintain the physical distancing at this stage.”

Williams was hesitant to comment on Ford’s situation, saying he didn’t know if physical distancing had been practised during the visit.

Ford’s spokeswoman didn’t directly answer a question about that. – Canadian Press

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APPEARS to contract official health advice? APPEARS?  Seriously?

What ever happened to leading by example? Social distancing and household lockdowns only apply to great unwashed masses and not the elite chosen few. Anyone who pays attention to what Ford has to say from now on is just as stupid as he is.

Same goes for Trudeau and his Easter trip to Harrington Lake.  That required him to travel from Ontario to Quebec, something that is supposedly we are not supposed to do.

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