Ontario – Dryden Restaurant Will Open Tomorrow For Takeout and Indoor Dining. – Updated 02/02/21

UPDATED 02/02/21: Dryden restaurant no longer planning to reopen dining area

The restaurant is no longer going to open dine-in service. Now we wait to see what happens on February 11th. Will lockdowns be lifted?

Dryden restaurant plans to reopen dine-in service during lockdown

A restaurant in Dryden says it will reopen to dine-in service on Tuesday despite the province-wide lockdown.

In a post on social media, The Black Barrell Eatery said it is ‘taking a stand’ and will open for dine-in and takeout on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

“As a small business owner we have been striving to survive with no government support during these trying times with COVID-19,” the post reads. “We can no longer survive and will be forced to close if we do not open.”

The provincial government issued a second state of emergency and a stay at home order Jan. 12 following a province-wide lockdown order instituted on Dec. 26. The order forced restaurants to close dine-in services.

The orders were to be in effect until Feb. 11. There is no word at this time if the restrictions will be extended.

The Black Barrell Eatery said it takes COVID-19 precautions seriously and it will continue to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

The social media post generated hundreds of comments and a follow-up statement from the restaurant acknowledging there has been both positive and negative feedback to its decision.

“I didn’t make my post today to cause controversy,” the post reads. “It was simple. Our new local business is not doing well and we made a decision that may or may not help us. Yes we know there may be financial consequences and clearly we stand by our decision after consulting facts and research.”

The post goes on to say that there is nothing anyone can say that will change this decision and other local business owners feel the same way and are offering support.

The Black Barrell Eatery said it is not asking anyone to go against what they believe in or to break any rules and it has made the decision in order to survive.

“It’s time for us to step up, bring back life and wholesome living to Dryden, a community we call home – while ensuring we’re doing ‘our’ part to ensure everyone we serve is safe,” the post reads.

“COVID-19 pops up everywhere i.e. hospitals etc., and there highly sanitized and take every precaution possible, it’s ultimately inevitable. As long as we are all doing our part to be safe – just like grocery shopping or sending your kids to school, why can’t we enjoy dinner out with our families?”

The Black Barrell Eatery and the Northwestern Health Unit have not yet responded to requests for comment on this story. – tbnewswatch

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If all restaurants would band together and just reopen, there would be little the health unit and the government could do.

I hope the people of Dryden support the business but I doubt the Northwestern Ontario Health Unit is going to ignore this.  The first signs of dissent must be crushed before it spreads. An example must be set.

We can’t let the people realize they have real power if they stick together.

“It’s time for us to step up, bring back life and wholesome living to Dryden, a community we call home – while ensuring we’re doing ‘our’ part to ensure everyone we serve is safe,”

Too bad all of our local restaurants do not have the courage to do this. At the very least, it would put a lot of pressure on Premier Doug and Dr. Janet  “Coupe” DeMille to end the lockdowns and find another way and fighting virus spread.

Lockdowns don’t work.  There is no scientific evidence that lockdowns make any difference in the real world. Viruses are gonna do what virus do.

Its too bad that Queens Park does not look for ways to keep businesses open instead of finding ways to close them down.

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  1. Terry
    Terry at | | Reply

    Not any more … “We have received wonderful news today! Since we made our public notice on Saturday January 30, 2021 with the decision to open Dine In service and why, we were contacted by an investor who has witnessed our dedication and strong efforts to succeed during these trying times and has offered a small financial business contribution to support us through these tough days, as an investment. My words and thankfulness can not express the appreciation.
    THANK YOU to everyone that has and continue to express support with emails, messages, phones calls and have made reservations. We will NOT be open for DINE IN until the Provincial Lockdown has been lifted to comply with Ontario’s Emergency Safety Plan …” https://www.facebook.com/blackbarrelleatery/posts/244509750686385

    1. bill westly
      bill westly at | | Reply

      smart choice, just do take out like all the other places.

  2. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    Lawless…fine them hard! Lockdowns do work, they slow spread and keep it manageable. They could open for take out like every other place. Selfish and stupid! Enjoy your side of covid with those fries…fools!! If somebody gets covid in his place and dies…charge him as an accessory to the death!

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