Ontario – Positive Test Results On The Rise. So What? We Need More Information.

Rising number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario ‘cause for concern’ says Ford

With the number of COVID-19 cases steadily rising in Ontario, the provincial government is reminding the public to continue to follow public health guidelines in order to weather an inevitable second wave.

“Today’s numbers are a cause for concern for all of us,” said Premier Doug Ford during his daily media briefing. “Let me be crystal clear, every option is on the table. We will take every step necessary, including further shutdowns.”

Ontario reported 313 positive COVID-19 cases on Monday, which is the highest daily total since June. The majority of cases are from three regions – Peel, Toronto, and Ottawa and the five-day rolling average is 249 new cases.

Throughout much of the summer, the province saw the number of daily cases decline, with several long stretches in July and August of fewer than 100 new cases per day.

Ford attributes the rise in positive cases to large social gatherings and people ignoring public health guidelines.

“The most common answer is social gatherings,” he said. “It’s not bars per se or restaurants. I’m begging you, please cut out the social gatherings. It’s just not worth it. COVID is ramping up again and we just can’t have the large social gatherings. We have to make sure we remain vigilant.”

If cases continue to rise and there is the need to halt further reopenings or even shut down sectors the economy, Minister of Health Christine Elliott said the provincial government would take a regional approach.

“We don’t want to have to move things back a stage. People have worked so hard to get us to this point, but if we have to, we will,” she said. “We need to continue to understand what is happening in different regions.”

“We want to, if possible, take a more regional approach if we need to do anything rather than step back the entire province.”

Since the start of the pandemic last spring, there has been talk of a second wave hitting in the fall. Whether or not this is the start of a second wave cannot be determined just yet.

Elliott said province is using three models for a potential second wave, which includes small surges, peaks and valleys of new cases, and a sudden surge, similar to what is happening this week. – tbnewswatch

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Not sure what is expected from the population?  There is no way that infections will ever get down to zero.

If the government shuts bars, restaurants again, how many will be around to reopen a second time?

How many infected people are being sent to hospitals? ICU?  Is that number increasing? If the answer is ‘no’ then what is the problem?

What is the viral load of the people who have tested positive? How many times did the samples have to be amplified during the PCR procedure in order to get a positive result?

I covered all this in a previous post that explains how all positive tests are not equal.  Just because you test positive does not mean you are contagious.  These positive test results do not mean anything without context.

The government and its health ‘experts’ don’t really know what the increase in positive tests mean. They don’t. They are stuck in March 2020 mode when we are now in September.

By now, the testing should have reached a level of sophistication that would provide meaningful information. Such as, is the person infectious?

By now, there should be something that someone who tests positive can take to help mitigate the virus’s symptoms. Anybody trying to find one? HCQ plus zinc?  Vitamin D? Vitamin C?  K?  Zinc?

By now, governments and health ‘experts’ should be promoting Vitamin D, C, K and zinc.  Make supplements cheap.

Its almost like the health ‘experts’ are not even trying.

Maybe the masks are making things worse?  Nobody even considering that as a possibility?

No masks, no distancing: Schools in Denmark defy COVID-19 — with success so far

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