Ontario – Teachers To Challenge Pay Caps

Teachers to challenge pay cap in court

Four unions representing hundreds of thousands of Ontario teachers and educators have launched a court challenge of the Doug Ford government’s 1% annual cap on pay and benefit increases.

The four union leaders said they are fighting to protect the Constitutional right of their members to free collective bargaining.

“By attempting to legislate unilateral limits on compensation growth, the government is turning its back on the collective bargaining process,” Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) President Sam Hammond said Thursday.

The four unions represent public, Catholic and French-language elementary and secondary school teachers and education workers. – Toronto Sun

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What we have here is bad optics.  The teachers always have said that their fight is not about money.  The fight is about the children.  Its all about class sizes. Its about maintaining staffing numbers. Its about maintaining a quality education system.

Yet money seems to be important enough that unions are going to court to ensure they still get more of it. More than a 1% annual raise.

What are the salaries of Ontario’s teachers? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that they allow for a very comfortable lifestyle.

How about administrators?  How much do they make annually?  I should have a look at the Sunshine List.

Lets face it.  This is all about protecting teachers’ jobs and unfettered access to the provincial coffers.  The children are merely PR tools. Hostages so to speak.  That is all they are.

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