Ontario – The Islamic Party Of Ontario

Islamic Party of Ontario: Principles and Policy

The Islamic Party of Ontario believes in “Supremacy of God” and understands that it is our constitutional requirement to make all the rule of laws of Provinces and Federal in obedience and according to the will of God.

Yup….The Islamic Party of Ontario is planning on running candidates in the next provincial election.

January 06, 2019 update:

Media Silent As “Islamic Party Of Ontario” Files To Become Official Political Party In Canada

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  1. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Will there be goats?

  2. William
    William at | | Reply

    We have anti-hate and anti-defamation laws in Canada. The people involved with that party are very obviously hateful against many groups. Time to prosecute them and expel them out and back to where they came from!!

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