Ontario – There Are Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics

He brings up some interesting points. According to the provincial government’s latest fear-porn release, f the province were to do nothing to combat the plague apocalypse, over the next 24 months, 100,000 could die. On any given year, 100,000 people die in the province.

Sooo, how many of that 100,000 plague victims would have died anyway? There has to be some overlap of deaths here. Elderly people with serious health issues and people in nursing homes are extremely likely to fall under either death statistic.

Its the same for the 3,000 to 15,000 death prediction. It has to reason that the victim pool of the plague and the victim pool of annual deaths have many of the same people in it.  Why is the media not asking for some statistical clarification? If we are supposed to know the facts, then we should be told ALL the facts.

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