Thunder Bay - Goggles And Face Shields

Thunder Bay – Goggles And Face Shields

Teachers, school staff mandated to wear face shields or goggles  The head of the Thunder Bay division of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario says teachers and other school staff were caught off guard by an announcement from Lakehead Public Schools mandating they wear face shields or goggles when interacting with students. Mike Judge said […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Run and hide everyone!!! A student tested positive!!!  Is the student contagious?  Does the student have an active virus?  Who knows?  None of that is important. I thought masks protected everyone. Parking meters in the north core are stylish. Don’t bet on it. Even this unused pedestrian crossing thing has a stylish hat. Looking good. […]

Thunder Bay – Sometimes You Can Be Too Cautious

Hundreds of Lakehead public school students are at home due to COVID-19 screening Less than a month into the school year, hundreds of Lakehead Public School Board students are already staying home because they have at least one of a dozen symptoms that may or may not be linked to COVID-19. Two of the board’s largest schools each have […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Yellow bag trash Looks like the City of Thunder Bay applied a dust suppressant on this excavation.  Not usual.  Calcium Chloride?  The chemical absorbs and holds onto moisture. I expect to start to see a lot of these laying around soon. Nice clouds today A rain garden sign that needs a home.  Would look good […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday - First Day of Fall

Thunder Bay – Tuesday – First Day of Fall

Does anyone believe that sticking these on every flat surface across the city makes any difference? Do people read these or are they simply an eyesore? For some reason, the City of Thunder Bay does not care if they are ever taken down. OK… Hmmm…. Not ever enforced.  Taxpayers build parking lots for people to […]

Thunder Bay - Monday - Last Day Of Summer

Thunder Bay – Monday – Last Day Of Summer

Fall officially begins at 9:31 am tomorrow morning.  September 22. I will leave the house in summer and return in the fall. Somehow the photo never looks as good as seeing it live. Excavating the water main leak. Bay Street between Water Street and Johnson Avenue is closed.  Mainline bus uses this section. What I […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Why do churches still ring their bells on Sunday morning?  Its not like any of the parishioners live within earshot of the building anyway. I am sure that people know at what time the services take place. Its noise that is not necessary. Neighbors have to listen to it. If you don’t want to be […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Going to be seeing more of these around soon. Not laying on the street though. I see one of these here a lot.  Must be someone’s favourite coffee drinking spot. You can tell a lot about an area by the garbage in the local trash can. Trash in context Wine tasting at the Alexander Henry […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Frost on the clover They might be furious but its all about what the prosecutors can prove beyond reasonable doubt.  The gap of six months between that attack and the death might have something to do with the reduced charge. Trash in context. Fall colours The MV Algoma Guardian in background Trash in context More […]

Canada – Lockdown Proposal

If our political overlords and their health ‘expert’ lackeys decide to shut down the economy again, then I propose all politicians and health administrators that are part of that decision have their paychecks stopped. No pay until the lockdown is lifted.  No back-pay.  Wages lost are wages lost forever. That’s how things work in the […]