The World – The War Against Hydroxychloroquine

Hundreds of millions of doses taken over many decades as a prophylactic against malaria. No issue at all. No heart issues. Nothing. All of a sudden, taking the drug is equivalent to attempting suicide.  Why? I believe it has to do with money. Hydroxychloroquine is cheap and generic. Big Pharma makes no money off of […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

No face like chrome, even though a lot of it is plastic More drama down at the most problematic section of any street in the city. Not only are asphalt patches covering previous excavation sites deteriorating rapidly But now a catchbasin has failed. I know…its blurry but I was in a hurry. On the bright […]

The World – Part 1 Of The Plandemic Film

Dr. Judy Mikovits talks about the caronavirus and AIDS.  This video has been removed from all social media sites as well as YouTube. Why? The patent/conflict of interest stuff mentioned in the video was first brought up by Robert Kennedy Jr.  The CDC has drug patents.  Why is that?  

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Water Street patches getting worse Killdeer trying to draw me away from its nesting area Showing some colour I’m guessing MV Federal Leda Back to the nest. This one standing guard This one sitting on the nest.  Did they put the egg back? Trash in context New bouy at the CCGS Alexander Henry Museum.  The […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

On the door of the Hoito City of Thunder Bay digs a hole in the street. This is the result. An older excavation along same stretch of Water Street. Value for money? You got to love the hairdo. Looks like the goose has finally given up on the nest.  Not sure why. There were eggs.  […]

The World – The Hong Kong Flu Of 1969 That Nobody Remembers

How Hong Kong flu struck without warning 50 years ago, and claimed over a million lives worldwide Known formally as H3N2, the flu strain was highly contagious, and left clinics in the city packed, with 500,000 people infected, before it steadily spread through Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Europe and the US Today, July 13, […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Trail of patches. Water Street between Cumberland and Bay Streets southbound lane. Pothole in the making. Sooo, one patch Two patch Three patch Three patches between hydrant and traffic lights….and a missing street light. Still no babies.  I am starting to question what this goose is doing. Looks like its sitting on a nest. Nice […]

Thunder Bay – If I Had 50 Million Dollars….I’d Buy A New Police Station?

$50 million too much for new police HQ, says councillor A report presented to council in March recommended replacing the current Balmoral headquarters with a new building, nearly double the size, at another location. It estimated that option would ultimately be cheaper and more effective than making additions to the existing station. The current police headquarters on […]

The World – Meet Bill Gates

He is not what you think he is…..unless you think he is Satan.  Then he may exactly who you think he is. Video website here Previous related post here

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

After yesterday’s Water Street excavation. Not open yet. Should have closed Water Street’s southbound lane one block north at Wilson Street. As it is now, detoured vehicles have to double back one block on Cumberland Street. CCGS Samual Risley working around the harbour Still no babies. Female Red-winged Blackbird MV Florence Spirit MV BBC Russia […]