Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Warmer today….   Why is there a need to have two heads? They are the same head. Colour Black and white Trash in context LCBO bag Trash in context Mask photo with socks Discarded food photo Pink Smartie

The World – Are We Headed For A Market Crash

The man makes a lot of sense. With everyone talking about COVID, nobody is talking about this. Maybe we should. In this video Patrick Bet-David breaks down the 10 signs that are predicting the next market crash is coming video website here for those who are interested in how to prepare for an economic collapse… […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday - Photography In The Polar Vortex

Thunder Bay – Tuesday – Photography In The Polar Vortex

Another extremely cold day. A few photos of things I have taken before.  I have a new camera for my wide angle lens.  I wanted to try it out. Hopefully, the polar vortex will move on soon. New camera with wide angle lens. My regular camera.  You can see the difference. Nobody on the rink […]

Canada – New Rules Requiring A Negative PCR Test At The US Border Now In Effect – A Negative PCR Test Is Meaningless. A Positive PCR Test On Someone who Is Symptom-Free Is Meaningless.

New rules requiring a negative COVID-19 test at the U.S. border now in effect There could be lineups at Canada’s 117 border crossings with the U.S. Monday, as non-essential travellers now have to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken in the last 72 hours. It’s the next phase of Ottawa’s new travel restrictions, […]

Thunder Bay - Monday - Family Day - Photography In The Polar Vortex

Thunder Bay – Monday – Family Day – Photography In The Polar Vortex

Getting real tired of this cold. Looking for colour Safeway carts wander a long way from the store. Trash in context Will the Fire and Rescue people ever fix that clock on their Water Street station? Its been broken for years..decades probably. My favourite spot today.  I like it because it looks sooo desolate. It […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday - Valentine's Day

Thunder Bay – Sunday – Valentine’s Day

Mask photo Is the cereal box empty? Normally I would think so but lately I have seen a lot of food tossed. Could be full for all I know, I hope the bag has berries in it.  Looks like blood. My favourite spot on the waterfront this winter. A popular spot for dogs.  I hope […]

Thunder Bay – Lockdowns Not Producing Results

Thunder Bay district passes milestone with new cases The Thunder Bay District has now recorded more COVID-19 cases so far in 2021 than in all of 2020, passing the milestone after 13 new cases were reported Sunday. The Thunder Bay District Health Unit has now confirmed 590 cases in just over six weeks in 2021, […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday - Photography In The Polar Vortex

Thunder Bay – Saturday – Photography In The Polar Vortex

Got an early start so that the sun would still be fairly low in the sky. Sun gets up earlier every day…until the time change, March 14, where we spring ahead one hour. Keys still there. Trash in context Should have hired one of these guys to decorate the 50th anniversary bus Crow checking out […]

Thunder Bay - Friday - Photography In The Polar Vortex

Thunder Bay – Friday – Photography In The Polar Vortex

Snow flurries this morning makes for a tough photo situation. You play the hand you’re dealt so… Free at last. Free at last.. I would think that you might notice your toque is missing when the temp is in the -30C  area. Trash in context Not sure what this is but its colour Discarded food […]

Ontario – March Break Postponed Until April

Ontario is postponing March break until the week of April 12 in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, a move decried by critics who argued the government should instead be focusing on making schools safer.- Canadian Press read full article here March Break postponed to April. Think about it. March Break in April.