Thunder Bay – The Sign

Tensions bubble as council approves Thunder Bay letter sign Deep divisions on the financial implications of COVID-19 and the recent approval of the multi-use sports facility were evident as Thunder Bay city council spent over an hour and a half debating a proposed $150,000 letter sign for the city’s waterfront Monday night. The proposal eventually […]

The World – New Zealand And PCR Testing

PCR is a diagnostic test. Diagnostic tests should not be used as screening tests. A positive PCR test does not mean that the COVID-19 virus is present. All it means is that there a piece of virus RNA. All positive tests are not equal. A positive test does not tell you much. Its basically useless […]

Thunder Bay – City Of Thunder Bay To Run Taxi Service

City to test on-demand micro transit The City of Thunder Bay is preparing to test an innovative approach to transit services with an on-demand “micro transit” pilot project. Thunder Bay Transit told city council on Monday the strategy could be a better service option as ridership levels that plunged in the early days of the […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Brought my tripod and neutral density filter to try long exposures. Makes the water look smooth.  Looks like ice actually. Probably looks better if I was photographing waterfalls. MV Sider Amy MV Puna MV Bluebill MV Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin MV  Federal Caribou A butt hunter’s wet dream Yellow Warbler Looks like a Song […]

Ontario – Positive Test Results On The Rise. So What? We Need More Information.

Rising number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario ‘cause for concern’ says Ford With the number of COVID-19 cases steadily rising in Ontario, the provincial government is reminding the public to continue to follow public health guidelines in order to weather an inevitable second wave. “Today’s numbers are a cause for concern for all of us,” […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

I wonder just how long its going to take for the pole to be erected?  Its been a month or two since this base was repaired. If the pole is not replaced before winter, then this base will get destroyed by the sidewalk plow.  This will restart the cycle again of damage, repair, wait, damage, […]

Canada – Questions About Canada’s Response To COVID-19

Woodward’s Trump revelations raise questions about Canada’s response to COVID-19 The revelations in journalist Bob Woodward’s new book about what U.S. President Donald Trump knew about the threat posed by COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic have prompted new questions about the Canadian government’s response to the virus, given how much intelligence is shared between […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

A croissant and a bag….lots of empty cups Seeing lots of blankets laying around. I can remember when I was young, owning a bicycle was every kid’s dream.  They were expensive. Now they are disposable. Colours are starting to show themselves. Went to get cash out of the ATM. Someone was sleeping in there.  Not […]

The World – Vitamin D, Large Scale Studies

Vitamin D is proving to be important in fighting COVID.  Why are our health ‘experts’ not pushing this? We are approaching our low sun portion of the year. Most people won’t have regular access to strong  sunshine during the day.  Is it a surprise that flu and cold season coincides with fall, winter and spring? […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Not sure who takes social advice from someone writing on sidewalks. OK Never more than 3m from a Tim Horton’s cup…or cigarette butt for that matter. A rare sighting….A Robin’s cup. Smirnoff vodka? Some still hanging in there MV Sider Amy.  Unusual to see a ship facing out.  Ships normally go in bow first and […]