The Big Dig

The Big Dig has begun on the waterfront.  This is the soil remediation tender (Tender 15) that came in at $1.1M plus.  I have inserted a photo below showing the operation as of 11:30 this morning.

You are probably looking at the photo and saying, “That isn’t all that deep.  The site remediation isn’t that big a deal.”   You’d be wrong.  The photo shows the removal of the 1.5m plus of granular material that was placed there last winter/spring.  The flat bottom is the original ground level. The Waterfront Development agreement stipulates that the level of the finished ground must be high enough to allow for the construction of underground parking before the developer will buy it.  So, many, many tonnes of granular material were hauled and dumped on top of the existing ground.  On top of contaminated ground.  The Waterfront Development agreement also stipulates that if required, the contaminated area will require remediation before the developer will buy it. Ms. Dugmore knew that if the soil was contaminated, it will have to undergo remediation. Ms. Dugmore also knew that if the remediation was required and deferred to a later date, say…..October 19, 2010, there was going to be an additional 1.5m plus of granular cover material that will require removal.

You are probably asking yourself why was the remediation not done BEFORE we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover the area with thousands of tonnes of granular material?

Good question.  A question that Ms. Dugmore has never really answered.  If the level of contamination was not known at the beginning of the project, why was it not?  This “not knowing” of this key information is now costing us, the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars to triple handle the granular material.  Haul and place, excavate and stockpile and haul and place again. An expensive way of building a waterfront.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars that will not be available to be spent on items and features for the public to enjoy.

Ms. Dugmore gambled that the contamination in the soil was not going to be at a high enough level to require remediation work. She chose to go ahead and place the fill material over the existing ground before the level of contamination was determined. She lost that bet.

I believe Ms. Dugmore is gambling in the Waterfront Development Casino and losing but that is OK.   She really can’t lose because she is playing with house money. Money that comes from your house and mine.

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