The World – 27 Bullet Points Prove Global Warming By The Sun, Not CO2

27 Simple Bullet Points Prove Global Warming by the Sun, not CO2: By a Geologist for a Change

Dr Roger Higgs, Geoclastica Ltd, Technical Note on ResearchGate

I also have a copy of the above document here

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  1. Hans von Storch
    Hans von Storch at | | Reply

    OB, you seem so smart on so many subjects, so why the blind spot here?
    Every. Single. Time. You post about climate change, your sources are awful.

    Company Name – GEOCLASTICA LTD.
    Company Type – Private limited with Share Capital
    Incorporated On – 31 March 1998
    Nature of business (SIC) – 09100 Support activities for petroleum and natural gas mining – Geological consulting services for the petroleum industry.

    Just why?!?!?
    Please stop. It’s really gross.

  2. Hans von Storch
    Hans von Storch at | | Reply

    Nope, not buying it.

    The Report’s Top Co-Authors
    Arkadiusz Drozd – Oil and Gas Institute
    Lee Krystinik – Equus Alliance – Equus Alliance focused on low-cost oil projects
    Bruce Hart – Statoil ASA
    Klaus P. Stanek – Bergakademie Freiberg
    Lorcan Kennan – Shell Global
    Piotr Dziadzio – Oil and Gas Institute
    Kristin Rohr – Geological Survey of Canada
    Chris Pain – Imperial Oil London
    Martin R. Wells – BP plc
    Matthew D. Piggott – Imperial Oil London

    Etc, Etc, Etc!!!

    You are looking like a yellow jacket tool right now.
    Who are you trying to convince with these propagandizing lies?

  3. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    It is the Sun, Solar Minimum , longest one now since the space age started. Changing strength of magnetic fields also. Science is there, check it out. Please stop? I don’t think so, that’s censorship of differing facts.

    1. C Darwin
      C Darwin at | | Reply

      Differing facts?
      Isn’t that the same argument that creationists use against evolution?
      No you cannot just use science created by the oil industry as factual.
      Grow a brain Bill, uh, too late.

  4. Hans Von Storch
    Hans Von Storch at | | Reply

    Seriously? These authors that I posted are the co-authors of YOUR CITED DOCUMENT!!!
    Some I had to dig a little deeper, like Equus etc to see what they were about, but there are also a dozen others with blank affiliations, so I didn’t include them above, but I just checked a few and they are clueless industry hacks as well. Regardless, thanks for a window into this parallel universe where truth ceases to have relevance, and for whatever reason, you are seemingly trying to ruin your otherwise awesome blog to promote the interest of evil oil barons at the expense of all life on earth.

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