The World – Australia And COVID-19

Is COVID-19 as bad as the media and governments are making it appear?  Are we being given all of the information needed to get a clear picture of what is really going on?

Does a jump in positive PCR test results mean anything?  What percentage of tests are positive?  How does that compare with previous data sets?

More tests are going to produce more positive test results. More tests are also going to produce more false negative test results. A positive test does not tell you if the person is contagious.  A positive test does not tell you if there are active viruses in the body.

Positive tests provide little useful information other than you may have had a viral infection at one time…which could have been SARS-Cov-2.

Armed with that information, millions of people are out of work, thousands of businesses have closed for good, crime is up, suicide is up, alcohol and drug use is up, people are living in fear, depression….. and governments have racked up record debt levels.  Hurrah!

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