The World – Coronavirus In Sweden

The path not taken….

I wonder if anyone in Ottawa or Queens Park considered this as an option early in the pandemic?

Flattening the curve while not completely shutting down the economy and society sounds like it would have been a good first step.  Instead our governments went nuclear right away. Why?  Panic?

I am of the opinion that our leaders panicked.   People we trusted to keep us safe, people we trusted to ensure the country was prepared, let us down. They have been letting us down for decades.  Our governments were totally unprepared so they just shut everything down.

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  1. look out
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    Our so called health professionals conned the government into panicking. Deceit, lies, misinformation, poor management the list can go on and on. Tam should be stripped of her DR. designation and be kicking cans down the road. Maybe the W.H.O. or China will hire her.

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