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A prime example of how the mainstream media work for governments.  This whole idea that Russians hacked into the White House has never been proven to be true.  What demonizing Russia and China  DOES do is give credibility to the military build up to that we are seeing in Europe and Southeast Asia. It gives countries justification for spending more tax dollars buying weapon systems from the Military Industrial Complex.

This kind of bullshit reporting by the government controlled, mainstream media is the main  reason that people are ignoring the government controlled, mainstream media and moving toward alternative media.  It is also the reason that governments want to gain control over the internet…done under the guise of cyber security…and eventually control online media.

Governments are doing all this for your benefit, of course.  A “safe”, government controlled internet and media is what everyone wants. Right?  Just ask the North Koreans how great it is.  Oh…right, you can’t.

Russian hackers ‘accessed Obama’s unclassified emails’

Russian hackers who gained access to the White House computer system last year were able to read President Obama’s unclassified emails, the New York Times has reported.

It said the breach was far more intrusive than previously admitted.

Officials have conceded that sensitive information was in the unclassified system the hackers accessed.

The discovery of the hacking in October led to a partial shutdown of the White House email system.

Highly secure

“The hackers, who also got deeply into the State Department’s unclassified system, do not appear to have penetrated closely guarded servers that control the message traffic from Mr Obama’s BlackBerry, which he or an aide carries constantly,” the New York Times said.  – BBC

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