The World – Everything You See About Syria In/On The Corporate Media Is Fake News

The truth about what is happening in Syria. The truth about what is happening in Aleppo.
Everything you are reading and watching in the mainstream media about the war in Syria is a lie.  Its fake news.  All of it.

That is why, the editorial in Friday’s Chronicle Journal is a huge pile of bullshit.  Its just rehashed corporate and government propaganda.  All of it.  The entire editorial is based on fake news.

According to the CJ editorial, Syrian President Assad is a brutal, bloodthirsty dictator who bombs and ALLEGEDLY gases  his own citizens….just for fun.  Really?ALLEGEDLY gasses his own citizens?

ALLEGEDLY: said or thought by some people to be the stated bad or illegal thing, although you have no proof. – Cambridge English Dictionary

…although you have no proof…

If you are reading an article/editorial or watching a television news program that uses the word alleged or allegedly when making serious accusations against a person or country, stop reading/watching and move on to something else.

That is, unless you are reading The Opinionated Bastard of course!  🙂

Why is there a war in Syria anyway?  Oil, natural gas and MONEY!   Imagine that!

I can’t link to that CJ editorial because, for some reason, that particular editorial was not posted online.  I wonder why?

If the editorial does eventually appear online, then I will then link to it.

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