The World – Its All About The Stock Price

Where’s the beef? Where is the data? Show us the data.

Right now, press releases about any vaccine or treatment candidate is all about pumping up the stock prices. If the test results are less than impressive, don’t present them. Just SAY that the results shows promise.

That is why there is a full on media campaign against Hydroxychloroquine.  An anti-malaria- drug that has been taken hundreds of millions of times over many decades with no record of adverse side effects.  Its crime is that its cheap and is easy to manufacture.  Its also generic. Good for us. Bad for Big Pharma.

If administered early in the infection stage, HCQ looks like it is effective in fighting off the virus…..if zinc is included. Testing is taking place. Fingers crossed.

If Hydroxychloroquine proves to be effective, that would be great. A cheap drug that people could take to avoid hospitilization. To lessen the symptoms. Shorten the infection.

Moderna Plunges – Erases All Vaccine-Hope Gains

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