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A very interesting and pertinent article about how the US Pentagon is at odds with the US government’s fixation on removing Assad as head of Syria.

Removing Hussein from Iraq and Qaddafi from Libya has allowed the Islamic  fundamentalist to run wild in the Middle East all he while providing those groups with failed states to use as bases.

How that has made the Middle East better is anyone’s guess.  It has made a lot of money for the US Military Industrial Complex.

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Military to Military

Seymour M. Hersh on US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war

Barack Obama’s repeated insistence that Bashar al-Assad must leave office – and that there are ‘moderate’ rebel groups in Syria capable of defeating him – has in recent years provoked quiet dissent, and even overt opposition, among some of the most senior officers on the Pentagon’s Joint Staff. Their criticism has focused on what they see as the administration’s fixation on Assad’s primary ally, Vladimir Putin. In their view, Obama is captive to Cold War thinking about Russia and China, and hasn’t adjusted his stance on Syria to the fact both countries share Washington’s anxiety about the spread of terrorism in and beyond Syria; like Washington, they believe that Islamic State must be stopped. – Seymour Hersh, London Review of Books

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Following is a the two part Democracy Now interview with Seymour Hersh about the above article

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