The World – Prof. Carl Heneghan: Can We Trust COVID-19 Death Numbers? And Swedish COVID-19 chief Anders Tegnell: Judge Me In A Year

How are deaths being calculated here in Canada?  Do we really know how many people died because of COVID-19?  Just because someone tested positive for the virus at some time, does not mean that the virus caused that person’s death.

I think that many causes of death are being assumed to be caused by COVID-19. No further investigation is being done, especially on the elderly.  You die in a nursing home, you had tested positive for COVID earlier therefore you died because of COVID. That might not be true.

We will never know the exact mortality numbers for this virus.  These stats are kind of important when we are looking at mandatory vaccination orders coming up this winter.

There is an advantage to keeping the mortality numbers high when you are looking at forcing the public to continue to heed the orders coming out of governments.  Fear is a great motivator.

Keeping social distancing is a better way of controlling the spread of the virus instead of the wearing of mandatory masks.  So says Swedish COVID-19 chief Anders Tegnell.  Is he wrong?  Why?

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