The World – There Is A Cure For COVID-19 Available Now

Hydroxychloroquine works. The earlier its given to a patient, the more effective it is,

Update July 28, 2020: Video has been removed by Youtube. Sigh…

What I do know for sure is that HCQ is being used to treat COVID patients in Canada and the US now. 

People can take HCQ as a preventative treatment…  Why are we not seeing information about this? Why is the drug not available over the counter?

If I ever test positive for COVID-19, I am going to demand that I get this treatment.

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Is HCQ being used here?  Inquiring Minds want to know.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    because Trump said it worked months ago and all Libs hate him so it stays out of the media coverage. New World Order doesn’t want people saved also.

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