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Interesting video talking about the history of the people/companies behind this vaccine.

A couple of things I learned

  • Google is an investor in this vaccine. The company also decides what your Internet search results are going to be.
  • The real payoff for these vaccine companies is the long term annual booster shots.
  • If you have been vaccinated with one of the mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna or the Oxford-AstraZeneca Chimpanzee vaccine, can you be vaccinated with another type of vaccine in the future or are you limited to the same type of vaccine you were first vaccinated with?  Nobody is asking this question. This might be important information people should get BEFORE getting the jab.

then there is this article about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that is do out early fall

‘Too early’ to say when Johnson & Johnson shots will arrive, minister says

What I found enlightening in this article is

The Johnson & Johnson product, which requires only one shot instead of two like the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, would be much easier for public health officials to administer as it remains stable in a standard refrigerator for months.

Unlike those two shots, which are based on mRNA technlogy, the Johnson & Johnson product uses a more conventional viral vector load vaccine technology. Millions of people could develop some sort of antibody protection against COVID-19 with just a single dose.

In U.S. clinical trials, the product was found to be 72 per cent effective in preventing moderate-to-severe cases of COVID-19.

Importantly, the product also demonstrated complete protection against COVID-19-related hospitalization and death, 28 days post-vaccination.

The company has said the single-shot vaccine has “the potential to significantly reduce the burden of severe disease.”

The fact that its a single dose vaccine and uses more conventional viral vector load vaccine technology might make it more appealing to some people…people who may not trust the mRNA vaccine technology…a technology which has never been tried on humans until now.

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