The World – Vaccines And Autism

The first story is on vaccines and autism. Is there a link?  In some children, the answer seems to be ‘yes’.  It makes complete sense that some children may react negatively to some vaccines.

Worth a view.

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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    There is zero scientifically backed proof of ANY link between vaccination,and autism.

    The one study this insane hysteria is based upon, was completely debunked, and the former doctor who promoted has lost his license to practice.

    to quote:

    “..Typically, the M.M.R. shot is given to infants at about 12 months and again at age 5 or 6. This doctor, Andrew Wakefield, wrote that his study of 12 children showed that the three vaccines taken together could alter immune systems, causing intestinal woes that then reach, and damage, the brain. In fairly short order, his findings were widely rejected as — not to put too fine a point on it — bunk. Dozens of epidemiological studies found no merit to his work, which was based on a tiny sample. The British Medical Journal went so far as to call his research “fraudulent.” The British journal Lancet, which originally published Dr. Wakefield’s paper, retracted it. The British medical authorities stripped him of his license….”

    There is no long term harm to being vaccinated, but there is provable harm to getting measles from not being vaccinated.

    Some people have apparently wanted to reduce it perhaps wanting a “choice”..

    But it is THE LAW in Ontario to be vaccinated:

    However, if all laws are “choices” then maybe some people want to park where they want (as a matter of “choice”), perhaps some people want to ride their bicycle where they want (as a matter of “choice”), perhaps some people want to litter and drop their trash or doggy “bags” where they want (as a matter of “choice”).

    Its’ simple, isn’t it? Some people want to choose not to vaccinate their children (even though 100% of those people are vaccinated), and some people want to park in no parking zones. Its’ all the same, right?

    Perhaps we should all be allowed to pick and choose what laws to obey? No?

    Either that of obey and respect all laws, or allow choice in all laws.

  2. tbaychick
    tbaychick at | | Reply

    People don’t “become autistic”, they are born autistic, and anecdotal evidence should be taken with a grain of salt. Vaccines save lives and the amount of vaccine reactions compared to the mass amount of people they protect is undeniable. Even if vaccines did cause autism (they don’t) I’d MUCH rather my child have autism than any vaccine preventable disease out there. I can’t believe there are people who would pick death or disfigurement over autism.

    1. Special RFK
      Special RFK at | | Reply

      It’s been a bullying shamefest from the outset; do-gooder keyboard couch scientists bashing anti-vaxxers with whatever verbal diarrhea assuages their irrational fears, even if it’s 100% big-pharma propoganda regurgitated, or just the old pull it out of your arse routine. It’d be like if 98% of the people bashed those at the start of the anti-smoking movement, because the tobacco companies produced their own science that 4 out of 5 smoking idiots could swore by, a willful ignorance that was with them, till death did they part.
      Pro-Vaccination has become another prejudicial crusading religion, with ill-informed determined to force everyone that thinks just a little differently to believe a pack of lies, ultimately to everyones detriment. Scary.

  3. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply


    1. Jake Gittes
      Jake Gittes at | | Reply

      This “BINGO” comment should have gone to the post by “tbaychick”, NOT “specialRFK”

      TBAYCHICK’s comment makes eminent sense, SpecialRFK’s comment makes zero sense.

      1. Space Ghost
        Space Ghost at | | Reply

        You need to get a life, you are really annoying, and no-one is listening to what you have to say but you. Do you spend all day trying to impress yourself in front of a mirror? Do you try to get in a woman’s uterus and tell how what she should do reproductively? You have no right to tell anyone what to do with their children just because you will never have any other than yourself.

      2. Space Ghost
        Space Ghost at | | Reply

        “I don’t know what happened, he has so much education, but he’s still such an annoying moron.”
        Want to guess how often people say that about you? Naaa, you already know & revel in the disdain your assholery inspires.

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