The World – What Does A Positive Test Mean? Not Much.

What does a positive PCR test really mean?  Turns out, not much.

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You test positive, then what?  Our 21st century health care system tells you to sit at home and hope you don’t have to be admitted to hospital later.  That is it.  No treatment. HCQ plus zinc? No. High dose of vitamins and minerals? No.  Nothing. Why not?  Why not try SOMETHING?

With the most deadly virus known to man ravaging the globe, killing everyone in sight,   governments have shut down their economies, forced thousands of business to close permanently putting millions of people out of work, many permanently, locked people up in their homes for weeks and sometimes months, borrowed trillions of dollars, closed all schools, canceled all surgeries…including cancer, banned gatherings of all kinds including funerals, created ‘rat’ lines so people can inform on their neighbours, drug use up, suicide up, assaults and robberies up….and the best that our health care system can do is send you home and, cross your fingers, you don’t eventually require hospitalization and die.

And to boot, it turns out even if you test positive you might not be contagious. It all depends on viral load.  Your positive test does not tell you that.  PSR test and the number of cycles (virus multiplier) to which the sample is subjected in order to find enough virus to detect matters.

Positive tests give governments the ammunition they need to justify their fascist-like control of every aspect of human existence.  This is why its important to clarify just what a positive test means.  All positive tests are not equal.  They should not be treated as such.

Ontario’s COVID-19 case count surges to highest level since June

So?  No matching increase in hospitalizations.  No matching increase in deaths.

Are they contagious? Are they receiving any treatments?

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