The World – What If Climate Change Is Real But Humans Are Not The Cause?

What if it turns out that the climate change alarmists are wrong? Not wrong about the fact that the climate is changing, but wrong about the cause? What if the Earth’s climate is changing due to natural causes? What if the climate of our planet changes on a regular basis?  Should nobody be considering that?  Should we not be preparing for that possibility as well?

If human’s effect on the planet’s climate turns out to be minimal at best, which I believe to be true, and that the climate change is a natural reoccurring cycle that the planet goes through, which I also believe to be true, then the survival of humans will depend on actions other than reducing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere.

I am not saying that we should we ignore all of the crap we are dumping into our air, water and land.  We cannot live without clean air, water and land.   That is a different issue.

If we are headed towards a mini-ice-age, we need to prepare for that.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    scientists have already said this. Earth’s changing tilt(which has happened many times over the past billion or so years) and very low Sun activity are to blame. Man is less than 1% contributing factor. The reports are out there, screaming Lib kidz are not scientists! “the truth is out there” F. Mulder .

    1. D Scully
      D Scully at | | Reply

      You do realize that the XFiles is just a TV show, right? I mean, don’t take off the tinfoil hat you so covet, it suits you, but if you’re so concerned about truth, maybe fox studio’s backlot isn’t the best place to go looking for it?!? Just a thought for you to Mulder over there brainiac.

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