The World – When Capitalism Fails, Then What?

How do perfectly profitable companies end up going bankrupt?

Trying to make as much money for the shareholders as possible. Trying to make as much money for company executives as possible.  All at the expense of the employees who will lose their jobs. their pensions if they had one, their severance pay..they will lose everything.

Sears in the US is going bankrupt.  In Canada?  I would not be surprised.  Why?

The middle class or to be more accurate, the disappearing middle class.  Businesses that used to cater to the middle class, are now having to compete with the likes of Walmart.

There is no middle class any longer. Only rich and everyone else.

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Austin, Texas, Max and Stacy discuss how both the Italian bank, Monte dei Paschi, and the American retailer, Sears, survived war, Great Depressions and famine, only to be destroyed by the modern paper derivative.

In the second half, Max does some stand up and then interviews comedian Lee Camp about the business of comedy in the age of Trump.

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