Thunder Bay – 24 Hours Of Van Horne

This is some freshly laid curb and gutter on Van Horne Street.  The machine was working Friday.

One day later, there is a crack in the concrete. The concrete curb and gutter was not on the ground for one day before it cracked.  One day.  It was one day that I got around to look so it is possible that the crack appeared much sooner.

The high paid City of Thunder Bay engineers cannot construct a concrete curb and gutter that remains free of cracks for more than one day?   One day?

Why is it not possible?  What kind of engineers do we have?  Do we need them?  Really?

(Note: photograph taken before Saturday’s rain)

DSC09079_80_81 DSC09070_1_2 DSC09073_4_5 DSC09076_7_8

No value for money here.

City of Thunder Bay MATSON DARRELL General Manager – Infrastructure & Operations $166,025.27 $1,150.92
City of Thunder Bay MAURO PASQUALE Manager – Engineering $111,651.97 $774.24
Oct 2012

Just to show that the crack on Van Horne was not a fluke, I have included a photo from the 2012 Algoma Street construction.  This crack was there when the covering was removed.  There were a lot of cracks on that curb and gutter.

Oct 2012

I believe the problem is in The Engineering Department and the buck stops at the top.




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