Thunder Bay – A Buffet For Vehicle Break-In Specialists?

Look at the new parking lots and where they are located.  Would you feel secure in leaving you car parked there in any evening?  How much money will be spent on security because these are areas that I would not even walk around at night, let alone park my car.  Really….oh wait, you will need to walk there at night to pick up your car.  Oh right.

If you don’t believe me, take a stroll down there. Do it during the daytime because, you don’t want to be there at night.

So likely the lots will be fenced in with police cars swarming around the neighbourhood or fenced in with private security swarming around the neighbourhood.  Extra costs that will be borne by the taxpayer and not be included in the cost of the proposed $120 million facility.

click to enlarge (website here)

Plus, and this is an important question, “just how do these parking lots increase the foot traffic in the downtown north core?”  People using these lots are not going to anywhere near the downtown north core business district.  Not even close. Not in the summer and especially not in the winter. Another fucking lie by our City Admin.

This is proof positive that the construction of this $120 million hockey rink has nothing to do with the downtown core and everything to do with the failed waterfront development.


Would you leave your car in Lot 3 while you walk downtown and have a few drinks? Lot 2? Scary.

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