Thunder Bay – The War On The Infrastructure Deficit

Taxpayers are being told they have to support another endless war. The War on Drugs. The War on Terror. Now the War on the Infrastructure Deficit.


As I said several times before, you can spend tens of millions of tax dollars on infrastructure repair and replacement, but if the end product that we taxpayers  purchased is a piece of crap, then what’s the point?  This War on Infrastructure Deficit that the City of Thunder Bay is going to undertake will, like the War On Drugs and the War On Terror,  will never end.  This War on Infrastructure Deficit will be a boom to the local contractor friends of City Admin., but to what end?

City engineers who do not appear to know what they are doing hire low-bid companies, that appear to not know what they are doing, to do work that is supposed to last decades but in reality, fall well short of that goal.  This leads to additional maintenance costs and a much shorter than expected lifespan.

Deteriorating  infrastructure  is a systemic problem that falls directly in the lap of City Hall.   Unless City Hall residents are completely blind, and totally deaf to the cries of city taxpayers, the people that we trust to maintain our infrastructure have let that infrastructure deteriorate.  They simply did not want to spend the money to properly maintain that infrastructure.

The City of Thunder Bay has a build and replace philosophy when it comes to infrastructure. Build it.  Use it. Replace it.  Don’t maintain it.

And this low-bidder work has to stop.  The successful contractor HAS to be able to do the work.  When that City Administrator sits in front of City Council and recommends that a contractor be awarded a city contract, then that City Administrator better be right.  If the Administrator is wrong with his/her recommendations too often, then maybe its time to show him/her the door.

The following from Corporate Report 2014.085

arthur1 artur2


TRAFFIC: Arthur Street fully reopened after holiday lane closure


THUNDER BAY — Arthur Street is back open after pothole problems caused one lane to be closed over the holidays.

City Project Engineer Rick Harms says the north lane between Edward and Lillie was shut down last week after the mix of rain and cold caused the road to deteriorate, and repair crews couldn’t keep up.

That lane reopened Saturday.

Arthur Street underwent major reconstruction over the summer which wasn’t completed on time.

The $2.4 million project was about six weeks behind when construction halted late last month.

Harms says crews will be back early next season to finish the job.

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