Thunder Bay – A Day At The Park

New Years Day down at the $60 million plus waterfront. I was passing through so I thought I would update you on a couple of things.

First this sign located right at the intersection of the Pearl Street entrance and Water Street.  Notice how close it is to the pedestrian crossing.


Below is the view that a person has when stepping out onto Water Street. The pedestrian is stepping out onto the street blind. It also follows that vehicles traveling on Water Street also cannot see the pedestrian very well.


I pointed this out to the City of Thunder Bay when the sign was first erected several years ago.  Obviously, a waste of time.   The sign can easily be fastened to a guiderail post 10 or 15 metres south of the intersection.  There is no reason why it is place here. Pedestrians…who really cares about pedestrians?


Then there are the new light poles that I posted about earlier.  Notice that the lights are on.  They are ALWAYS on.  Day, night, sun, cloud…always on.



As you can see, other lights in the park are not on all the time.  I guess having them on all the time uses less energy that turning them off during the daytime. Who knew?


Then there are these markers.  They are bolted to the traffic island.  Now this is a joke. Really. An ugly joke.  Are these going to be a permanent feature? Another award winning design by Brook McIlroy?  Yes, we paid for this.

IMGP0009 IMGP0010

Also, there are these things located at the corners of all the traffic islands.  I think they are there to make sure the snow plow does not destroy the curbing.  Another permanent feature?

IMGP0011 IMGP0012 IMGP0013 IMGP0014 IMGP0015 IMGP0018

Not sure what is going on with these corner windows.  I would have expected that a luxury condominium would have been completed BEFORE people move in but…hey, this is Thunder Bay.  How hard is it to get this glass or whatever is supposed to be installed here. You would think that three or four months would be enough time but… hey, this is Thunder Bay.

In Thunder Bay, the term luxury appears to have a different meaning that other cities.


Then there is the telescope.



Just know that when/if you are walking around the park, people will be spying on you.  Oh yeah!  One of the benefits of building condos in a park.

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