Thunder Bay – All Or Nothing….Again

A Toronto Star article from December 13, 2015 ….. I’m sure you remember this..

Liberal government says shovel-ready infrastructure project could get some cash

Canada’s new infrastructure minister says projects that are shovel-ready and meet the Liberal government’s national objectives will get some of the billions in new federal cash being made available.

Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi says those big objectives are threefold: grow the economy, create jobs and make the country more sustainable.

Sohi says shovel ready projects mean a municipality has done all the relevant studies, public consultation and planning — to qualify for financial help from the federal government. – Toronto Star

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What shovel ready projects does the City of Thunder Bay have?  As far as I know, there is only one.

Its interesting that in a city that has sooo many facilities that are in need of repair or replacement, and armed with the knowledge that “shovel ready” is going to be a  requirement for Federal and Provincial funding,  the only “shovel ready” project is going to be the $120 million hockey rink.  All or nothing.  A trap.


The City of Thunder Bay is trying to lure Ottawa and Queens Park into a trap where the senior levels of government have no choice but fund the $120 million hockey rink.  Either give in to the City of Thunder Bay demands or face a very negative PR attack from City Hall and its mainstream media attack dogs.  Sounds almost like extortion….hmmm.

Do you believe that our City Hall is acting in the best interest of the entire city or simply pandering to the moneyed few who will be pocketing a large chunk of that $120 million of sweet, sweet taxpayer cash?

How much of that $120 million of sweet, sweet taxpayer cash will be leaving the city?  Going into the pockets of companies and workers from out-of-town?  Construction companies from out-of-town?  Sub-contractors from out-of-town?  Suppliers from out-of-town? Workers from out-of -town?

The City of Thunder Bay has so far spent over $4 million of that sweet, sweet taxpayer cash on the various Phases of the $120 million hockey rink project.  How much of THAT money has ended up in the pockets of out-of-town firms?

Thunder Bay City Hall is making it sound like most if not all of those $120 million of sweet. sweet taxpayer cash will end up in the pockets of local residents, workers and businesses but that is not necessarily true.  In fact, its highly unlikely.  Surprise!


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