Thunder Bay – An Attempt At Election Manipulation?

Last week, while making my daily pas through the north downtown core, I noticed that someone had plastered almost every light post on Courts Street, Red River Road and Cumberland Street with these signs encouraging people to vote. I thought that was interesting. The area of the city where the proposed event centre is slated to be built has the highest concentration of Voting Day signs in the city.  All located in the part of the city frequented by younger potential voters. Younger voters who are more likely to support candidates that are in favour of  spending $120 million taxpayer funded on a hockey rink.

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Apparently, the City of Thunder Bay has decided not to fight the artists who create the unsightly citywide graffiti  and join them by covering both sides of the light posts with the multicoloured signs. A new type of gang tagging?

Anyway, today I noticed that all of the signs in the downtown north core are gone. They are all gone. Maybe someone noticed just how ugly the signs were?  Maybe someone thought it was a disgusting attempt by City Administration to manipulate the municipal election results?


What it does show is just how desperate the City Administration proposed event centre supporters are. They will say anything, do anything to get that money.  Get that sweet, sweet government cash.

We are living in interesting times.

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