Thunder Bay – An Embarrassment Of Riches


The city’s police station has become an “embarrassment” and a safety risk.

That’s how two executive members of the Thunder Bay Police Association described the Balmoral Street station to the Thunder Bay Police Services Board on Tuesday morning, urging for a planned expansion of the headquarters to go ahead immediately. – Tbnewswatch

I am sure that all that sweet, sweet cash that goes into the pockets of the members of the Thunder Bay Police Association every two weeks goes a long, long way to ease that feeling of embarrassment.  Maybe those nice shiny new police vehicles might also help ease the pain?

Money to protect the public or money for a nice shiny new office?  What exactly is the priority of the police department?

Not happy here?  Go work somewhere else. Someplace a little less embarrassing.  I am sure that the City of Thunder Bay can find someone/someones to take your place.



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