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Here is an example of why City Hall is afraid of Mr. Wojak. The man knows stuff.  Stuff that City Admin. would rather the public not know.

It would be nice if he had a weekly column somewhere.  Maybe a weekly blog  on municipal government.  Lord knows that the local mainstream media will have nothing to do with him….which, I believe is a good thing.  Stay away from the local media. They are ruthless when it comes to anyone who attacks their beloved City Hall.

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What the story doesn’t say

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hopefully the Chronicle-Journal will provide the rest of the story to the article, Thunder Bay Budget Process About to Begin (Dec. 17).
While the article mentions a $1-million drop in revenue to the city due to property reassessment, it mentions nothing of new revenue to the city due to new assessment, from new construction.
While the article mentions a $1.5-million drop in revenue to the city due to a reduced provincial grant, it mentions nothing of the reduced costs to the city because of uploading by the province. The province is picking up $1.25 million of the city’s costs. This basically offsets the $1.5 million drop in revenue.
Thunder Bay’s share of provincial funding works out to about $454 per household, which is five times the provincial average. This begs the question why are property taxes in Thunder Bay above average?
The net unfavourable variance of $4 million that the chair of the finance committee mentions in the article, will easily be covered from the stabilization reserve fund. By what I call a sleight of hands, council last week agreed to use the remaining $4.5 million of unallocated funds from the homes for the aged debenture to pay for the fire/EMS construction that was to come out of the stabilization reserve fund. As the money for fire/EMS was already allocated in 2012 to come out of the stabilization reserve fund, the unallocated debenture of $4.5 million could be used to keep the capital borrowing down in 2015 from the usual $6.9 million, providing some tax relief.
All it takes is political will to get the budget under control.
Henry Wojak
Thunder Bay

website here

All it takes is political will….THIS COUNCIL?  Now THAT is funny!

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