Thunder Bay – Another Attempted Murder Charge

Attempted murder charge laid in pet store assault

A Thunder Bay man has been charged with attempted murder following an altercation that shut down a north end pet store Saturday.

Police responded to several reports of gun shots just after noon in the 300s block of Queen Street. Officers found a 33-year-old man who appeared to be the victim of a recent assault, and had sought help inside Pet-Tastic at the intersection of Queen and High streets. He is now being treated for serious injuries at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

Jonah Yellowhead, 25, was apprehended in the area shortly afterwards , following a foot chase. On Sunday, police announced the Thunder Bay man had been charged with attempted murder using a firearm, probation order non-compliance, and several weapons counts. – tbnewswatch

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…probation order non-compliance…

Ever notice just how many violent crimes in the news have this same charge being laid against the defendant?  There is definitely something wrong with the rotating door that our justice system has become.

…attempted murder using a firearm…

Why would anyone move here?  Why would anyone start up a company here?  Lots of other, less violent cities to locate.

I am pretty confident that Thunder Bay has the 2019 Murder Capital of Canada title all sewn up. It seems there a a few people trying to add to the city’s already high number of homiacides.  A cushion of a couple more murders may be nice but, I don’t think its really necessary.

Can’t be good PR to have your city named Murder Capital of Canada four straight years and 7 out of the last 10 years.  Then there are the other violent crimes.

I still think that the city should embrace this title and sell t-shirts with various murder city themes.  Something like” I visited Thunder Bay and was not murdered” might be a big seller.

On the plus side, all of this violent crime does keep housing prices low.

I can remember a time when murders in this city were the exception and not the rule.  A murder was a very big deal.  Not any more.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    fact, most involve FN ..plain and simple, true. No racism intended, facts are facts..can’t deny, look at crime stats. Same everywhere else, Wpg, Sask etc etc..most committed by FN. Take their stats out and we are lowest murder rate in Canada. Chiefs sit back in their ivory towers and do zero, their own good people sit back and do nothing, that is the problem. Now cops don’t even look for jobs here. Don’t speak the truth or you will be stoned…another truth.

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