Thunder Bay – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

City cash sought to return ship; Museum group claims vessel is an investment

The Lakehead Transportation Museum Society is climbing into the wheel house of the City of Thunder Bay on Monday, with a request for money to bring the Alexander Henry home to the city’s port.

The vessel, which has been serving as a floating museum in Kingston, Ont., is currently in Picton and can be on it’s way home if the group can secure $250,000, half of which is already raised.

The society hosted a public forum at the CEP Union hall on Saturday, where more than 50 people turned out to learn about the plight of the ship and watch a video of her beautiful craftsmanship.

Charlie Brown, of the museum group, said the City of Kingston will sell the vessel to the Lakehead Transportation Museum Society for $1, but they will have to pay for the towing. – Chronicle Journal

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The problem is Mr. Brown is making his Monday evening presentation to the wrong people.

If he wants to locate his Transportation Museum on the waterfront, he should be talking to Brook McIlroy…not City Hall.

Do you really believe our high salaried residents of City Hall have anything to say about what will be built on our waterfront and how much of that sweet, sweet taxpayer cash will be spent?  Really?

Not much money for a consultant in the Alexander Henry/Transportation Museum project….soooo my guess is that City Council will say “No” to the cash request.  That is my prediction.


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