Thunder Bay – Bombardier, CETA and the Harper Government

I wonder if this strike here in Thunder Bay….

Striking Bombardier work...x office | Toronto Star
website here

Has anything to do with this trade Agreement between Canada and The E.U…..

Trade pact could still b... | The Chronicle Herald
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Add in this counterpoint opinion piece from CUPE…

COUNTERPOINT: Trade deal... | The Chronicle Herald
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Because the Canada-E.U. Trade agreement, according to the above opinion piece says this….

Under CETA, Canadian municipalities and provincial governments will sacrifice the right to favour Canadian bids on major infrastructure or service projects, and will no longer be able to ask any company, whether Canadian or European, to locally source a percentage of labour, goods or services.

Anyone remember this?  I am sure Germany does.

Siemens wants to bid on - The Globe and Mail
website here (click to enlarge)

So, the future of Toronto and Ontario mass train and streetcar purchases may all boil down to whether Mexican labourers are cheaper than Chinese labourers.

Is this international trade agreement a bullet to the heart of Bombardier’s Thunder Bay plant?  I believe so. Without the guaranteed contracts from the governments of Ontario and Toronto, the plant’s days are numbered.  That is why Bombardier is playing hardball at the bargaining table. Its the CETA.

Speaking of the Canadian Government selling out the Canadian worker big time, there the following…

Temporary Foreign Worker Program misuse sanctioned by Harper gov
website here (click to enlarge)

As you can see, the Harper Government is working for corporate Canada…the money. Keep wages low. Cut benefits.  If Canadians don’t like it, then foreigners will do the work for less…and LOVING IT!




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