Thunder Bay – Bombardier Still In The Game But Does It Matter?

Bombardier fighting to ramp up production amid TTC lawsuit pressure

On Wednesday the board unanimously decided to go ahead with a $50 million lawsuit against the company over delays in its ability to deliver new streetcars, built in Thunder Bay, to Toronto.

Unifor Local 1075 president Dominic Pasqualino said there is a silver lining in that the TCC decided not to stop the company from bidding on future contracts. He can’t comment on the legal action but workers are relieved that there is still an opportunity for more contracts in the future. – Tbnewswatch

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….the TCC decided not to stop the company from bidding on future contracts…..

I don’t know what Bombardier can do to convince anyone to award them another contract with the TTC and the City of Toronto.

Yes, the company will be allowed to bid on future contracts but and this is a BIG but…the TTC and the City of Toronto do not have to award the contract to the lowest bidder if the TTC and the City of Toronto feel that the company cannot fulfill its contractual obligations…no matter how low the bid.

Of course, the Province of Ontario could, as Mr. Bill Mauro had “reminded” the TTC and the City of Toronto a couple of days ago, withhold Provincial funding for public transit projects in the GTA but once again and this is a BIG but, the GTA has many more Liberal MPPs than the City of Thunder Bay.  Many, many more.

Will the Provincial Government go to the mat in support of Bombardier over future TTC contracts?  That is far from a sure thing.

Just how much of that big pile of sweet, sweet Ontario taxpayer public transit project cash that ends up in the pockets of Bombardier’s Mexican workers might also be a bone of contention with the Liberal caucus.

This ain’t over by a long shot.

Then there is the potential sale of a minority share in Bombardier Transportation to the Chinese.  Hmmmmm…




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