Thunder Bay – Browns’s The New Green?

Some sod put down on Ruttan Street and Van Horne Street. City contracts paid for by the Thunder Bay taxpayer.

Even with the cool wet weather we have had since this sod was laid down, there appears to be some brown areas appearing.

When grass turns brown, that’s a bad thing, right?



DSC08999_9000_9001 DSC09020_1_2 DSC09035_6_7 DSC09041_2_3 DSC09044_5_6 DSC09047_8_9



DSC09071_2_3 DSC09068_69_70



Sadly, a large portion of the sod placed on city contracts dies.  Two reasons for this:

  1. The sod is placed on sand.  
  2. The sod is not watered. Ever. 

Grass, like all plants, needs food and water to grow.  Simple.

Van Horne also has cracks in the concrete retaining wall.

DSC09065_6_7 DSC09062_3_4

My understanding is that the cracks were there when the forms were removed.  Maybe the next day at the latest.


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