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Get it right, city tells chamber | The Chronicle-Journal

“The (chamber of commerce) report applies incorrect assumptions with respect to tax rates, tax forecasts and assessment changes,” the letter states.



something taken for granted; a supposition: a correct assumption.
Synonyms: presupposition;hypothesis, conjecture, guess, postulate, theory.
So if an assumption is a guess, a theory or a hypothesis, then how can the Chamber of Commerce apply incorrect assumptions?
The City of Thunder Bay can, at best, argue that they did not agree with the assumptions used in the Chamber of Commerce report. To call them wrong somehow insinuates that the City of Thunder Bay’s guesses or theories or hypotheses about the future are more accurate.  That is, of course, a pile of shit.
All the Feasibility Studies done in the city for projects such as Prince Arthur’s Landing, the Event Centre and the Thunder Bay Art Gallery include certain assumptions about future economies.  You cannot create a report that includes projections about jobs, spending and taxes without making educated guesses.  In the end, educated or not, its all a guess.
That is why all the feasibility studies contain a cover your ass page which explains to readers that assumptions made in the report may not materialize. In other words, nothing they say in the report that will happen in the future is guaranteed to happen.  It may happen or it may not.
Thunder Bay Art Gallery Feasibility Study Cover Your Ass Page (click to enlarge)
Event Centre Feasibility Study Cover Your Ass Page (click to enlarge)
I have not heard City Hall make any complaints about the assumptions the consultants made about the future in any of those Feasibility Studies.  Why?  Because the reports reach the conclusions that City Hall wanted them to reach.
The reports may all be a pile of statistical crap, but its the crap that City Admin wanted.
The Chamber of Commerce report reached a conclusion that makes City Hall look bad.

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This is just plain bullying on the part of City Administration.  City Hall is using its media attack dogs to try and bully the Chamber of Commerce into changing their report to be more a more positive  statement on City Admin’s stewardship of the Thunder Bay economy. Why?
The answer is simple.  If a few crazy Letters To The Editor writers say the city is mismanaging its finances, then who cares?  If a few bloggers say the same thing, then who cares?  But if the Chamber of Commerce and two university professors say that the city is mismanaging its fiances, then people start to pay attention.  That also throws some credibility to the Letters To The Editor writers and the bloggers.  Hmmm.
This can start a snowball effect and soon lots of people are asking lots of questions. Questions that City Hall does not have answers for.  That cannot be allowed to happen. They have to protect their phoney baloney jobs, harrumph,  harrumph!
So, City Hall is starting to use some of  the 10 Ds of responding to a political attack .  Watch for them in the media.
  • Deflection
  • Delays
  • Denials
  • Discounting
  • Deception
  • Dividing
  • Dulcifying
  • Discrediting
  • Destroy
  • Deal

Right now, City Hall is trying to discount the report and discredit its authors.  To do this, they are using deception.  City Hall are issuing statements in the CJ such as the assumption statement above, whose accuracy cannot readily be verified by the public.

The Chamber of Commerce must not be intimidated by the attacks by the City Admin and its media thugs.  It has done nothing wrong.

Stand up to the bullies.  Its time that someone does.



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