Thunder Bay – Canada Day!

Its also the last day of the first half of the year. Its day 183. After today, there 183 days left in 2020.

Happy Canada Day!

Open today by appointment only.

MV Spruceglen

Tug MV Glenada

MV Lake Ontario

Noticed something in the water.  Not a dead body sooo….

Blood…full of plague cooties!

By time I notice the bird, this is the best photo I can get

Not quite in focus but I like the shot

Baby goose down

Spider’s buffet

I wonder when it finally realized its life was over?

City of Thunder Bay’s $70 Million PLUS premier tourist destination….shrub beds are overgrown with weeds.  If this is what our premier tourist destination looks like, imagine what the rest of the city looks like.  This is as good as it gets in this city.


Spoon in the road does not have the same cachet as fork in the road.

Remember the tv series Adventures in Rainbow Country?

MV CSL Assiniboine

MV Isadora

Trash in context


Dragonfly-no-more  Dark Chocolate Gelato

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