Thunder Bay – Cause And Effect

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True….  the north core is going through a renaissance of sort.  Businesses are opening up.  Why?  Well this is where it gets interesting.

The City of Thunder Bay is always quick to tie this urban core growth to its $60 million plus waterfront development.  Matters not that the waterfront development consists of a splash pad (skating rink in the winter) and a restaurant that I believe to be subsidized by the taxpayer.  That’s it.  Hardly a place that draws hundreds of people to an area across the railway tracks.

Cause and effect.  There is absolutely no proof that the $60 million plus waterfront development has anything to do with the opening of  new businesses in the north core.

I believe the north core business area has reached a point of critical mass.

critical mass is a sufficient number of adopters of an innovation in a social system so that the rate of adoption becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth – Wikipedia

Business attracts business.  The Bay and Algoma area is a prime example.  Businesses attract customers. Customers attract other businesses. More businesses. More customers.

I go down to both the north core and Prince Arthur’s Landing regularly unlike any of those people mentioned in the article above.  I do it all year, good weather and bad unlike any of those people mentioned in the article above.  In fact, I believe I go there more often that any member of city council, city administration or local media.

My belief is that the resurgence of the north core has nothing to do with the construction of Prince Arthur’s Landing.  Almost everyone who goes to the waterfront restaurant or uses the splash pad/skating rink arrives by car, they do their thing and then leave by car.  Few if any bother walking across the pedestrian overpass.  This is what I see.  This is what is happening. This is the truth.

People go to the downtown north core to eat and drink.  Some shopping but mostly entertainment. The few people that go to the waterfront go there to use the splash pad/skating rink or eat in the waterfront restaurant.  Separate areas. Separate customers.

The waterfront development has been a failure.  If there is any evidence to prove me wrong, I would be happy to see it.

In my previous post, I discuss the manufacture of consent.  The use of the media by governments to manipulate public opinion.  It is in the interest of the City of Thunder Bay Administration to have the waterfront development appear to be successful.  They spent a shitload of taxpayers money building it.

City Admin made a lot of promises about a fiscal utopia on the shores of Lake Superior. Promises  they are now making about the spending of $150 million on an event centre and new art gallery. City Admin needs the waterfront development to appear to be a success.  Articles such as the above are helping fill that need.

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. If the media says that the waterfront development is a success often enough, people will eventually believe it.



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