Thunder Bay – Chippewa Carousel Hits Goal With Goal With $200K From City

Chippewa Carousel hits goal with $200k from city

Visitors to Chippewa Park will experience the carousel in its full glory next summer, after Thunder Bay City Council approved $200,000 in funding to help restore the historic amenity.

With that contribution, the Friends of Chippewa Park will have achieved their fundraising goal of $1.2 million, allowing full restoration to proceed.

Oliver says people from across the community have banded together to make the restoration a reality. That includes a number of high school classes, one of which is building a custom, wheelchair-accessible carriage. Oliver says many of those chipping in today enjoyed the ride as children and want to ensure future generations have the same chance. –  tbnewswatch

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….people from across the community have banded together to make the restoration a reality….

Apparently, the community did not band together enough to not require precious tax dollars be spent.

Now lets move the thing somewhere where their are people to ride on it. Somewhere accessible by public transit.

Had the $200 million PLUS in Tbaytel “dividends” been placed in a separate account, those funds could have paid for this restoration in full.  Those “dividends” dollars could have paid for the cycling bridge over the McIntyre River.  Those “dividends” dollars could have paid for an expanded cycle/rec trail network across the city to get bicycles off of our streets and sidewalks. Those “dividends” dollars could have paid for an indoor sportsplex. Those “dividends” dollars could have paid to repair the Dease Street pool. Those “dividends” dollars could have paid for splashpads in every neighbourhood. Those “dividends” dollars could have paid for repairs/upgrade to the Botanical Garden. I could go on and on.

Instead, those $200 million PLUS slid into the general coffers. Instead of additional funds to pay for “nice to haves”, we still can barely afford the “must have” items.  The whole situation has been mishandled. Incompetence on a grand scale.

Instead of improving the quality of life in this city, City Council uses those Tbaytel “dividends” to help them get reelected by keeping taxes artificially lower than they should be.

The four saddest words: What could have been.

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