Thunder Bay – City Admin Needs To Remember Who They Work For…And Its Not The Contractor

Road crews are working on Canada Day

It’s Canada Day, but it’s not a holiday for some construction workers in Thunder Bay.

A crew from Bruno’s Contracting was out early on Wednesday morning continuing the re-paving of a stretch of River Street near Grandview Mall.

Heavy equipment rumbled along the dug-up south side of the normally-busy street, with only light traffic in the one lane on the opposite side that remains open.

The workers are apparently content to be on the job on the national holiday.

They can look forward to a three-day weekend, as they’ll have the day off on Friday. – tbnewswatch

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I complained about this practice way back when Pat “Pasquale” Mauro (remember him) was head of the Engineering Department.  He only laughed.  Crazy idea.  Residents matter?  Not in Thunder Bay.

Its obvious that our City Admin is in the pocket of local contractors.  Whatever contractors want, contractors get.

Its a holiday. Its A Statutory holiday. Its Canada’s birthday. Its summer. People have the day off to relax and celebrate.  Sleep in. Maybe sit out in the yard enjoy the family. Maybe have a barbecue.  A quiet day around the yard.  No noise. No dust.

Just because a contractor WANTs to work on the holiday and take the Friday off instead does not mean that it should be able to do so.  The people who live along the construction site deserve to enjoy their holiday in peace and quiet.  Yes, I know. Imagine that.

There is no advantage to the City allowing the contractor to work on the holiday. The work will not be completed any faster.  Work one day and take a day off later.

The City of Thunder Bay needs to tell contractors in the tender documents that work on ALL Statutory holidays is NOT allowed.  If the work is located far enough away from residential neighbourhoods where noise is not an issue, then there may be room to allow work on the holiday.

This construction work carrying on during  holiday’s needs to stop.

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