Thunder Bay – City Begs Forgiveness For Daring To Use The Word ‘Thunder’ When Naming City Mascot


City apologizes for naming bird mascot Thunder

The City of Thunder Bay has issued an apology for choosing a mascot whose name some said suggested it was a sacred Indigenous Thunderbird.

“We want to apologize for the hurt caused by launching the 50th anniversary mascot with no explanation of the meaning or process,” city officials posted to the municipality’s website on Saturday evening.

“As part of the City of Thunder Bay’s 50th Anniversary campaign in 2020, the committee approved the creation of a City mascot at a cost of $5,000. A general bird character was selected by the committee for the mascot. We shared the creative concept of the mascot in late 2019 with the City’s Elder’s Council and Chief Peter Collins of Fort William First Nation. None raised issues with the concept.”

In traditional Indigenous culture, the Thunderbird is a supernatural being of power and strength, often seen depicted in art, songs and stories.

The bird was named Thunder, reflecting the city’s name, but drew criticism and will be renamed.”In light of the recent comparisons of the mascot to a Thunderbird, and recognizing that the Thunderbird is sacred in certain Indigenous peoples’ history and culture, the committee will select a new name for the mascot and make revisions to the creative campaign,” city officials said.

“We will be sure to involve the community in the renaming” – tbnewswatch

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‘Thunder’ and ‘Bird’ are not Indigenous words.  They are of English/German origin.

All UBC teams called Thunderbirds .The mascot is named Thunder. Yes.  I kid you not.

Is the University of British Columbia aware of the massive middle finger it is giving the Indigenous peoples?

Seriously.   Things are getting ridiculous. At some point in the near future, people are going to say ENOUGH!

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Personally, I am tired of the whole ‘thunder’ this and ‘thunder’ that when it comes to naming anything in this city. Time to move past it.

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  1. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Strange that the indigenous don’t have a problem using vehicles, clothing, electricity, alcohol, etc that the ‘settlers’ brought

    1. bill westly
      bill westly at | | Reply

      100% right!!

  2. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    maybe they should bring a lawsuit against Linux for Thunderbird email program, or Thunder Pride Org. and all the countless others out there…. guess not?

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