Thunder Bay – CN Station Has New Tenant

Marina Park CN station has new tenant

Kuhl Lighting and Dekor will open a showroom and in-house cafe in the historic waterfront building.

The historic CN station at Prince Arthur’s Landing is powering back to life.

Kuhl Lighting and Dekors has announce uit plans tio open a new location at the station, which also include a the in-house Windy Shore Cafe.

No timeline for opening was included in their announcement, posted to the company’s Facebook Page.

The station served as construction headquarters and a lease office while the waterfront hotel and condominums were being built.

The company showroom is currently located on Tenth Avenue.

The building has been empty for more than three years. Winnipeg-based ReSolve Group, the developer of two nearby condominium buildings and the Delta Hotel, holds a 60-year lease on the city-owned property, and under the terms of the agreement, it must be open for business. – tbnewswatch

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Seriously? Thunder Bay\s premier tourist destination needed a home decor showroom? That’s what was missing down there?

The private developer must be desperate and lowered the lease rates to get someone, anyone to take some of that building’s space.

What next?  Hell’s Angels are looking for another location for their clubhouse.

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