Thunder Bay – Dependent On The Kindness Of Strangers

Budget ‘stays the course’ as city receives less outside funding

A lack of matching infrastructure dollars has taken a bite out of the city’s ability to undertake capital projects.

Thunder Bay’s proposed budget would bring gross capital spending down by 17 per cent from 2017 amounts, despite the city remaining consistent with its net capital contributions from the previous year.

City treasurer Linda Evans said senior levels of government haven’t committed to those same infrastructure dollars being available again in 2018.

“In 2017 the federal government infrastructure funding was available through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, as well as the Clean Water and Wastewater funding. That was available last year and at this point there is no federal infrastructure funding that has been announced,” Evans said on Wednesday.

“It’s absolutely vital we leverage as much federal and provincial funding as we can. We’re always trying to identify funding opportunities and making sure we apply at every opportunity,”

Coun. Frank Pullia, the budget chair, said the city has been able to absorb the hemorrhaging of $20 million over recent years from industrial property reassessments with roughly half of that loss made up through finding efficiencies. – Tbnewswatch

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Our high salaried residents of City Hall need to learn to live within our own means.   I fully expect that Queens Park and Ottawa are not going to be as generous in the future as they have been in the passed because both are operating deficit funded governments.  Both are facing financial challenges of their own.

Luckily for the City of Thunder Bay, there is a provincial election coming up so, later this year, expect our elected corporate whores to return to Thunder Bay and get busy buying votes using our own money.  The money that was taken from us at the point of a gun.

Still, the City of Thunder Bay has to start to take FULL responsibility for the maintenance and replacement of its own infrastructure.  That is why it exists.  We need to learn to stand on our own two feet.

Presently, the City of Thunder Bay is addicted to provincial and federal welfare.   What comes with such an addiction is a complete lack of control over the scheduling of capital projects.  Right now, funding of our capital projects is  “dependent on the kindness of strangers”.

If there is funding, they go ahead. If there is no funding, then they are postponed.  Not the best way to run a city.

City Hall, Queens Park and Ottawa need to learn how to just say say “no”.  Its that simple.  Governments have to stop trying to be everything to everyone.  Governments cannot afford to pay out billions of dollars in public and corporate welfare every year.

Governments were originally mandated to use tax dollars to pay for BASIC public services.  For some reason, that all has changed with governments now giving hundreds of millions of public dollars to the private sector. This is happening on a regular basis.  Buying jobs. Buying votes.

That practice has to eventually stop.  We’re all broke. Canada is broke. Ontario is broke. Thunder Bay is broke. The taxpayers are broke. (previous related posts here, here, here, here, here)

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