Thunder Bay – Don’t Want To Be Tough On Crime. That Would Violate A Murderer’s Constitutional Rights

Garnet Loon pleads guilty to manslaughter for 2017 death of Robert Gray

The case of a double homicide on the city’s north side dating back to 2017 is nearing a conclusion as the second person accused has entered a plea of guilt.

In a Thunder Bay Courtroom on Tuesday, Garnet Loon, pleaded guilty before Justice Danial Newton on the charge of manslaughter for his role in the 2017 death of 50-year-old Robert Lloyd Gray.

Loon appeared via video from the Central North Correctional Centre in Penetanguishene, Ont. with his attorney, Danial Gunn, appearing before the court in Thunder Bay.

Loon was initially charged with second-degree murder, to which he pleaded not guilty, but entered a plea of guilty for the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Police were called to a Carl Avenue home on July 2, 2017, where the bodies of Gray, and 22-year-old Kory Lee Campbell were found.

Garnet Loon, along with Kailee Loon, who was 19-years-old at the time, were arrested in Sioux Lookout without incident and transported back to Thunder Bay.

Kailee Loon, who was also facing a second-degree murder charge in connection to Gray’s death, pleaded guilty last January to the lesser charge of assault. She was also charged with assault in connection to Campbell, to which she also entered a plea of guilty.

Kailee Loon was sentenced last February to one day in jail deemed served with 45 days credit for 30 days of pre-sentence custody on both counts, which were served concurrently. She was also sentenced to 12 months of probation.

Crown attorney, Trevor Jukes, withdrew a second count of manslaughter against Garnet Loon on Monday in connection to the death of Campbell.

The case has seen several changes to charges throughout its two-and-a-half years before the courts. In November 2017, the charge of second-degree murder against Garnet Loon in connection to Campbell’s death was upgraded to first-degree murder.

Following a preliminary hearing held a Judge ruled there was enough evidence to commit Garnet Loon to stand trial on the charge of second-degree murder and manslaughter in connection to the deaths of Gray and Campbell respectively.

A statement of facts was not read into court record on Tuesday, but Gunn said the incident was a result of a night of drinking where Gray and Garnet Loon started to fight and Gray was beaten to death.

A full statement of facts, including reasons for the withdrawal of the manslaughter charge against Garnet Loon in relation to Campbell’s death, will be read before the court during a sentencing hearing that is expected to take place in January 2020. A Gladue Report for Loon is being prepared.

Garnet Loon has already served time for a 2009 manslaughter after being found guilty for his role in the 2007 beating death of 18-year-old Jordan Achneepineskum. He was sentenced to six years.

Gunn said a joint submission for sentencing will be presented and could see Garnet Loon sentenced to 13 to 17 years. – tbnewswatch

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What is a human life worth in Thunder Bay?  Apparently not much.

Six years for beating a 18 year old to death. Probably served a small fraction of that.  Now the same person has beat two more people to death  and will be sentenced to 13 to 17 years tops. Probably will serve a small fraction of that sentence.

Sooo, in Thunder Bay, the penalty for beating someone to death is maybe  six or seven years, serving a small fraction of that.

Local crown attorneys are gutless. Judges are soft.  Sentences are too lenient. Two ingredients required to create vigilantism. If the judicial system won’t dish out justice, the people eventually will take it upon themselves to do so.

First thing is that sentences need to be served consecutively instead of concurrently.  None of that ‘unconstitutional’ bullshit.

Sentencing a person who has murdered two, three, four or more claim that serving sentences consecutively, proving sentences that could be over 100 years, is cruel and inhuman punishment.

Meanwhile, the victims, whose constitutional rights to not being murdered, by Canada’s judicial system not considered a cruel and inhuman punishment |I guess, are completely forgotten. All of a sudden, its all about the murderer. The murderer’s constitutional rights.  The murderer’s future. Can he/she be saved?  Don’t want to treat a multiple murderer cruelly.

Its all enough to make you sick.



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    There is no justice in Thunder Bay.

    Caning should be standard punishment for juvenile crime. This would eliminate, or reduce, sex crimes, house breaking, littering, graffitti, shop lifting, public alcohol consumption, etc

  2. Dan Zupansky
    Dan Zupansky at | | Reply

    I appreciate the tone of your article and agree completely. Loon is a killer but because alcohol was involved he gets a mickey-mouse sentence. So much for any rehabilitation in prison and so then charged with two more murders but thanks to tax-payer paid attorney he plea bargained down to just one manslaughter-and a few more years in prison. Thunder Bay’s Crown Attorneys are especially generous with sentences and plea bargains. The revolving door of Canadian prison for murder, rape and violence is disgusting. Thank you for this article.

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