Thunder Bay – Education And Not Prohibition

City opposes cannabis store location

It’s been a long and winding road for Thunder Bay residents waiting for a cannabis retail store. Now there may be at least one more bump in that road before a pot shop can open its doors here.

The City of Thunder Bay is opposing the location of a new store at 1082 Memorial Avenue, in a strip mall across the road from Intercity Shopping Centre. Their objections centre on the nearby YES Employment Services, which provides services to “vulnerable youth,” according to the city.

The final decision will be made by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), after reviewing the feedback from the city, as well as any public comments submitted during the notice period, which ended on Dec. 13. – tbnewswatch

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I have never known a time where high school students have had a hard time purchasing marijuana.  Back in the 70s, pot was present at every party.  It was easy to buy.

Cigarettes?  No problem selling those at corner stores.  Beer? Wine? Restaurants serve beer and liquor.  Gambling?  Lottery and scratch tickets can be bought everywhere.

Prohibition has been tried and shown not work.  Education, not prohibition is the answer. Let the stuff be sold everywhere and teach the people how to use the things responsibly.  Sales are restricted to 19+. At that age, people can buy alcohol, buy cigarettes and gamble in casinos. They need to be treated as adults because they ARE adults.

Let me ask you this?  Which is worse?  Alcohol or pot?   Which damages your body more?  Think Kelly’s finest rotgut wine.   Give you a hint…it ain’t marijuana.

Thunder Bay has social issues up the wazoo.  Marijuana is not the cause of any of them. In fact, it just may be the solution.

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