Thunder Bay – Friday

Red is not on any rush

Yellow tulip opening

Fake strawberry. Why is it here?  Damn if I know.

Utility location.  Something going to happen here?  I will keep an eye out.

Still here.  Nobody misses these?

Deer tracks

The last spike?

More Tree Swallow photos.  They let me get pretty close.

American Goldfinch

Hanging upside down to grab something to eat.

I have better photos here from last July.

This is the female

Love the mess vehicles make on the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) trail.

MV Ojibway

Not sure why this is here.

Wasn’t that long ago that it was hard to find one of these to photograph.  Now they are everywhere.

Trash in context.

Want to take a long walk off of a short dock?

All the docks on Pier 2 are now gone.

MV Federal Yukina

MV Federal Saguenay

Park wherever you want in Marina Park.  Just not in the spaces reserved for boaters. Any other place goes.

Trash in context

Trash in context.

Not sure how you get in.

My understanding is that the driver of the truck did not have valid insurance?  Anyway, the people in the truck are now walking. Hope the police officer had his body camera turned on.

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